So, why Sweet Coppin?

Sweet Coppin Clog was founded in 1977 by a group of ladies who, tired of just watching their Morris Dancer husbands dance, decided to form a dance side of their own. The name Sweet Coppin comes from a variety of Somerset cider apple and our red and green kit reflects the colour of the apples.

We perform three different styles of dances:

  • Traditional English Step Clog – using a variety of traditional steps from Westmorland, Northumberland and Lancashire.
  • North West Team Dances (also called Cheshire) – danced in clogs by 4,6 or 8 dancers in formation usually with Sticks, Hankies, Slings or Garlands.
  • Soft Shoe Dances – A collection of dances from around the British Isles danced in soft shoes rather than clogs.

A year in dance...

During the summer we organise regular evening dance outs in local villages and perform at folk festivals and other events. We often share our dance spot with other morris or clog teams, both local (during our evening dance outs), and further afield (at festivals).

In winter, we practice and learn new dances during weekly training sessions in Creech St Michael.

Cue the music!

You can't beat live music! Our talented musicians are an integral part of our team, with us every week as we practice through the winter and at every dance out all summer long! If you would like to join our musicians, fill in the contact form for details.

For booking enquiries drop us a line: